This document describes how our site processes data, both personal and legal entities.


Objectives and principles of processing.

The ManaJet system is designed for use in companies (legal entities), in their business activities of the following management tools: orstructures, communication systems (both within the company and using external e-mail), the accounting system of indicators, financial planning, CRM system and other. Therefore, our activity is primarily carried out in relation to legal entities and their data. The user, who is a private person, also has the right to open an account in the ManaJet system, but in this case he fully assumes the rights and obligations of the Customer as a legal entity.


Our activity is commercial. We strive to make money by providing the Customer with our products: online access to his ManaJet Account and services for the technical implementation of this system. For Customers, we can also carry out commercial data exchange projects with other application systems - accounting or other systems, - and also we can provide our other software products developed. We strive to ensure that our products and services are benefitial for the customer and are profitable for us. In these activities, in the processing and storing the data, we ensure the principles of honesty, decency and transparency of the rules.


This Agreement has been developed and applied in accordance with the GDPR - European Union Regula for the Protection of Personal Data, which entered into force on May 25, 2018.


Data in the Account.

For each Customer one or several Accounts are opened. The data of each Account is isolated from the data of other Accounts. Users registered in one Account do not have access to another Account.

Saving personal data of users in the Account opened for the Customer - the need to enter such data and their composition - is the subject of an agreement between this Customer (legal entity) and users of such in the Account. We do not require the input of personal data and do not verify their validity.


We can use the data uploaded to the Account for our internal activities: analysis of the program’s work (for example, how intensively different ManaJet units are used, what server load is, etc.), its maintenance, planning of this activity for the future and for security purposes. According to the contact information of the users entered into the Account, we can in some cases contact the users - if it is necessary to help these users with their work with ManaJet or to analyze any situations in the work of the program.


User passwords are stored in ManaJet in encrypted form. Passwords in clear text are not used or stored in the system, and our staff does not have copies of passwords.


Access to the account and the data it contains can be obtained by our technical staff and specialists in the implementation of management tools - when they implement projects to implement management tools and under contracts concluded between such specialists and the Customer. This can be done to carry out our main activity - solving the problems of introducing tools for managing the company, analyzing the work of the Account and solving the technical problems arising from this.


These specialists are accessed using a special system, where each access session and actions in it are recorded. At the same time, there is no disclosure of passwords of users of such an Account - neither to technical personnel, nor to specialists in implementation.


The data entered by the Customer into the Account, we do not disclose to users and Customers of other Accounts.


We may perform disclosure of information in the Account to law enforcement authorities of the European Union countries, in cases provided for by EU laws, upon receipt of an official request from these authorities.


Duration of data storage.

Account data retention periods are related to the license period for online access. The commercial Account (an Account with payed license) is deleted with all data contained in it and its related backups 120 days after the expiration of the license for access, regardless of the reasons why this period expires. If the Customer wishes to delete the data before this date, he must act in accordance with the clause "Early Deletion of Data". Demo Accounts, if not converted to commercial are deleted along with their backups within one calendar month after licence expiration date.


Early Deletion of Data.

If the Customer does not wish to use ManaJet anymore, he has the right to request early deletion of Account data by sending such a request by e-mail to, from his official address - in text form, or by attaching a scan of the official letters on the letterhead of the organization. Upon receipt of such a request, we are entitled to contact the Customer to verify this request.

After confirmation of the request, we suspend the Account for 30 calendar days. Access to the Account during this period is not possible. If during the specified period the Customer sends a letter to the Contractor with a request to restore the account, then we will restore the account. If there are no request for restoration, after 30 calendar days the Account itself and all its backup copies are be completely deleted without notifying the Customer.


Credit Cards Processing.

The payment of ManaJet licenses with payment cards and via a payment system Strype, appropriately authorized by VISA and Mastercard. This system accepts payment card data and carries out the transactions. Strype informs ManaJet with only the result of this action: the fact that the card transaction was successful (or that it was not). If the transaction is successful, ManaJet marks the order as paid. The ManaJet program does not store credit card data. 


Import and export data.

The customer can import and export data from ManaJet, - using the standard tools of the system - on the website pages that have this functionality and by using our API. To exchange data with the API, you need a valid account license. Internal ManaJet databases  are not provided to users and Customers under any circumstances. The Customer can allow or prohibit the export and import of data for individual users of his account, by assigning them the appropriate rights.


Backing up Data.

Backing up is carried out by us in order to securely store your data. We perform daily and monthly backups. Daily copies are kept for one calendar month. Monthly copies - for one year. Upon expiration of these terms, the copies are deleted. Data backup and deletion of copies occurs automatically using the software we have configured on our servers.

If the license for online access expires (upon termination of payment by the Customer or in other cases), backup copies are deleted along with the Account 120 days after such expiration of license, and without additional notice to the Customer.


SSL Protocol, Encrypted Data Exchange.

We exchange data between our servers and your computer using SSL. This is a technology of strong data encryption for transmission over the Internet. It ensures that the transmitted data will not be decrypted and disclosed in the event of unauthorized interception in the network. This technology is used by many websites, including Internet banking systems, as well as Google and YouTube. To make sure that data is exchanged using this secure protocol, the "green lock" icon in the upper left corner of our website allows, in front of the Internet address


Use of cookies.

Cookies are small text files that are stored on the user's computer. No personal information is stored in a cookie, however, it is technically possible to identify by compliance with the cookie and the actions of an individual user. The user has the right to refuse the use of cookies, but you need to understand that the use of ManaJet at the same time will become impossible.


Consent to data processing and its rejection.

The ManaJet system requires user consent to process data when paying for licenses. In other cases, users submit their consent to the processing of data or the refusal of such, to the Customer, in whose Account they operate.

Amendment of this Agreement.

As our work progresses, we may make changes to this Agreement in the future. If the changes are significant, we will inform you so that you can familiarize yourself with these changes before continuing.


Contact Information.

You can ask questions about data processing by sending an e-mail to or by calling +371 23552598.



Date posting : 09/07/2019