Dear user! Below is a new license agreement for the ManaJet program.


License Agreement for the use of the program "MANAJET"


This license agreement is between the User of the MANAJET software product (hereinafter referred to as the User) and SIA Capella Solutions (hereinafter referred to as the Contractor).


Before using the product carefully read the terms of this agreement. If you do not agree to the terms of this agreement, you can not use this product. Use of the product means your full acceptance of all clauses of this agreement.

Terms of this agreement:

Authorization - the introduction by the registered User of his login and password to enter the Personal Account and the non-public part of the Site. The login and password chosen by the Customer (User) during the Registration shall be recognized by the parties as sufficient for authorization, respectively, of the Customer (User) when accessing the Personal Account.

My Office is the personal page of the registered User, on which the registered User manages their account (Account).

Online user - a User who has passed the Authorization on the Website for the purpose of working with the Product and who has not completed the current session with the Product (by entering his login and password to exit the Account) at the current time. Additional programs that are constantly connected to the Product (data import, notification of new messages, etc.) are equal to Online users.

Error in the Product - impossibility of the declared work of the Product or deviation of its work from the declared, as well as incorrect arithmetic results, if the User’s actions are correct and such impossibility of work or deviation is not caused by other reasons, such as: setting up the User’s computer, its computer network, other programs and / or equipment.

Example 1: the program has a function to send a letter. If the user, by performing the correct actions (filling in all the required fields and pressing the necessary buttons in the on-screen form), cannot send a letter (receives an error message on the screen) and the program and network are correctly installed and configured, this is an error in the Product.

Example 2: When sending an e-mail message (external communication), the user receives a message stating that the message cannot be sent because the attached file is too large. This is not an error in the Product, as it is caused by an external cause - a violation of the procedure for working with e-mail service.

User - an individual appointed by the Customer and independently registered at for direct use of the Product. Unless otherwise established by this agreement, Customer’s access to the Product is limited to the number of Online Users agreed by the parties. This means that at the same time, the Product can be operated by Users in an amount not more than that specified in the Agreement. If the same individual not only enters into this Agreement as the Customer, but also directly (independently) uses the Product, then such an individual shall have the rights and obligations under this Agreement both for the Customer and for the User (regardless of whether this is indicated in the text of the Agreement below).

Renewing - extending the period of using the Product and receiving updates to the Product. The renewal period is six months from the end of the previous period. The cost of Renewal is determined when a new Product Use Agreement is entered into.

System / Product - the program for the computer "MANAJET" (hereinafter MANAJET), which is a software package that allows you to automate the management of the company and its finances. Contains sections:

Organizing Board; Staff; Statistics; Organization information center; Job responsibilities; Communications; Financial planning; Tasks; CRM system; Administrative scale.

Users access the specified computer program via

External sources (systems) - any other third-party programs, such as databases, other programs, tables, etc., which, with certain settings, can import any data into the Product.

Registration - filling in by the Customer (User) on the Website of the registration form, after which the User, subject to acceptance of the terms of this Agreement, has access to his Personal Account and the non-public part of the Website. The fact of the registration of the User, as well as the beginning of his use of the Site Materials, means his awareness with this Agreement and agreement to comply with the terms of the Agreement, including those binding on the Customer.


Site - a site on the Internet, through which the Customer provides access to the Product for its use. In order to access the Product for the Customer, an Account (account) is created through which the Customer-designated Users act, each of whom selects a separate login and password using the software and hardware of the Site.

Territory - the territory in which the Customer has the right to use the Product and carry out the actions provided for in this Agreement. Territory means exclusively the territory of the Customer.

Technical support - the Contractor’s consulting activities in maintaining the Product’s performance within its functions. It includes: answers to users' questions (transmitted by one authorized person of the Customer) on the functionality of the Product; analysis of problem situations in the work of the Product; Correction of errors found by updating Product versions during the Technical Support period. Technical support does not include the development of new program functions and advice on the Hubbard Management System.


1. Subject of the license agreement

1.1 The subject of this license agreement is the right of access to the Product (hereinafter the “Program” or “Product”) of “MANAJET”, granted to the User by the Contractor, in the manner and on the terms established by this agreement.

1.2 All provisions of this License Agreement apply to the entire product as well as its individual components.

1.3 The product is supplied with one database, unless otherwise specified by the Parties separately. Installation of additional databases is paid for by the Customer separately.

1.4 The license agreement does not grant ownership of the Product and / or its components, but only the right to use the Program and its components in accordance with the conditions specified in clause 3 of this agreement.

The administrative technology of L. Ron Hubbard is used in the Product with the permission of WISE International. Approval code: WISE International IA # 07091501 for the English version and WISE International IA # 07091502 for the Russian version.


2. Copyright

The product "MANAJET" is intellectual property. All rights to the MANAJET Product in the territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries, including the structure and design of the database, the program documentation and the help system, its external design and source text, are owned by SIA Capella Solutions on the basis of the License Agreement with the copyright holder of the Product MANAJET ".

In case of copyright infringement, responsibility is provided in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation and the country of the right holder.


3. Terms of use and limitations

The following are the conditions to be fulfilled by the Customer and Users when using the MANAJET Computer Program.

3.1 Access to the Product is carried out via the Internet using a username and password, which are independently selected by each User designated by the Customer.

3.2 The product is provided for use on an “as is” basis, that is, with the functionality in which it is actually located at the time of the conclusion of the Agreement and this Agreement.

3.3 Installation, launch or other commencement of the use of the Product by any of the Users constitutes the complete consent of the Customer with all the terms of this Agreement. If the Customer does not agree to unconditionally accept the terms of this Agreement, he and (or) the Users appointed by him may not use the Product and must remove all of its components from his computer (computer)


3.4 The customer is not entitled to:

3.4.1 use the Product beyond the rights granted under the Contract;

3.4.2 carry out engineering analysis (disassemble / reverse design, decompile (convert object code into source code)) of the Product;

to decrypt the Product, circumvent or block the technical means of its protection;

3.4.3 modify the Product;

3.4.4 independently make any changes to the structure and / or contents of the database, as well as to the components of the Product by any other means besides the work of users in the Product itself;

3.4.5 copy the Product or any part of it, including documentation and help system, to transfer this information to third parties;

3.4.6 remove or modify the copyright information on the Product.


3.5 If within five working days after the expiration of the term of use of the Product hereunder the Customer does not pay for the new term of use of the Product, the use of the Product becomes impossible, since access to the Product is automatically blocked.

Upon the expiration of 120 days after the expiration of the term of use of the Product hereunder, the database entered by the Customer for the period of use of the Product will be automatically removed from the Product without further notification of the Customer.
The Contractor shall not be liable to the Customer for any direct or indirect damage resulting from an error in the Product, failure or refusal of the Product, its use or non-use, even in the case of prior notice of the possibility of such damage, including on the claim of third parties. The responsibility of the Contractor in such cases is limited solely to the correction of such an error in the presence of the technical possibility of such a correction. In other cases, the parties are liable for non-fulfillment of their obligations under the Agreement in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and the terms of the Agreement.
Technical conditions for the operation of the Product: availability of a modern browser and Internet access by the User.
The product has the technical ability to import information from external sources (database, other programs, tables, etc.). The customer implements the setting up of the import mechanism from the application system (s). The Contractor provides only the mechanism of this import, but does not implement the setting of this mechanism under this Agreement. For the performance of external sources Contractor is not responsible. The customization of the import mechanism for the Customer’s order can be performed by the Contractor as an extra paid service.
If errors are found in the Product, the Contractor undertakes to take measures to correct them as soon as possible. The Parties agree that the exact definition of the time to correct the error cannot be established, as the Product closely interacts with other third-party programs, the operating system and hardware resources of the user's computer, and the efficiency and time for troubleshooting are not fully dependent on the Contractor.
User Responsibilities when using the Product:
- The fulfillment by the Users of the obligations set forth in this Agreement is ensured and monitored by the Customer, and therefore the violation by the Users of their obligations is a violation of the Agreement by the Customer.

- Actions performed under the User’s login when using the Product after User Authorization are recognized as User’s actions taken on behalf of the Customer. The performance of any specified actions should be regarded as the consent of the User with the terms of this Agreement, providing for the obligations of the User.

From the moment of access, the User agrees to the use by the Contractor of the User’s personal data for processing (systematization, accumulation, storage, refinement, use, destruction) for the purpose of providing information to the User, and in some cases for viewing and analyzing existing data only if such permission is available.


4. Responsibilities of the parties

4.1 Violation of the terms of this agreement is subject to liability under the laws of the country of the user.


4.2 The Contractor is not responsible for the operation of the Product by the representatives of the Customer. The Customer is obliged to independently acquaint all of their representatives (online users) with the Rules for the use of the Product described in this License Agreement.


4.3 The Contractor shall not be liable to the Customer for any direct or indirect damage resulting from an error of the Product, its malfunction or failure, use or non-use, even in the case of prior notice of the possibility of such damage, including under a third party claim. Responsibility of the Contractor in such cases is limited solely to correcting such an error and providing the Customer with access to the corrected copy of the Product - within the period of the subscription (license).


5. Limited Warranty

5.1 Product Warranty is limited. All provisions of this clause apply only during the term of the subscription (license).

5.2 The Contractor does not guarantee that the Product meets the expectations of the Customer, or that the Product has no errors. To get acquainted with the capabilities of the Product prior to purchase, the Contractor may provide the Customer with a demo access (open a demo account). If when using the product "MANAJET" errors are detected, the Contractor undertakes to correct them as soon as possible.

5.3 The Parties agree that the exact definition of the time to correct the error cannot be established, as the Product closely interacts with other third-party programs and components, with the operating system and hardware resources of the user's computer. Therefore, the availability of the Product and the time for troubleshooting are not fully dependent on the Contractor.

5.4 In case of non-compliance with the clauses of section 3 of this agreement, the User automatically loses the warranty provided and the right to technical support and updates.


6. Technical support

Technical support provides for the elimination of errors in the software product "MANAJET", identified during the warranty period, due to the fault of the Contractor, as well as:

Answers to users' questions (transmitted by one authorized person of the Customer);
analysis of problem situations in the program;
Correction of errors found by updating Product versions during the Technical Support period.
All questions raised within the framework of technical support are carried out in a special chat in the MANAJET system, by e-mail, or by calling +37123552598 during the paid subscription period, on working days (excluding weekends and holidays) from 10 till 18 o'clock Moscow time.


The technical support service notifies the Customer in writing or orally about any changes or the release of a new version. These changes or the new version, as well as its documentation, are available to the MANAJET Product User during the subscription period paid by the Customer, within the configuration of your account in ManaJet.


7. Refund

7.1. The errors identified in the Product or the terms for their elimination cannot be grounds for returning the funds to the Customer for the subscription or for any other works of the Contractor paid by him for the Product. In this case, on the basis of clause 5 of this License Agreement, the Contractor shall take measures to correct such errors.


7.2 No refund will be made if, prior to the Customer’s purchase of a product subscription, he was granted free trial access to the Product (a demo account was opened). In this case, it is considered that the Customer, before making a purchase, was familiar with the capabilities of the Product.


7.3 Also, no refund is made for subscription periods that have already passed. The service for these periods is considered to be provided.


7.4 In other cases, the Customer has the right within 14 calendar days after the payment of the invoice to send the Contractor an e-mail stating all the circumstances and requesting a refund at Upon receipt of the letter, the Contractor, if necessary, may contact the Customer for additional information on this issue. Then the decision on the return of funds or refusal in that is made by the Contractor within 14 calendar days. If the Contractor decides to return the funds to the Customer, the amount will be returned minus the payment systems and banks fees that were deducted from the Contractor upon receipt of this payment. The Customer’s account in these cases is permanently deleted by the Contractor.


8. Confidentiality.

The processing of confidential and personal data in the ManaJet system is determined by the Privacy Agreement, which is an integral part of this License Agreement.


9. Amendment and Termination

9.1 In the event that the User fails to comply with one of the above provisions, the Contractor shall have the right to unilaterally terminate this agreement, notifying the User thereof.

This agreement enters into force from the moment of its publication on the site and continues to be valid during the entire time that the User is in the system. The Contractor has the right to amend this License Agreement unilaterally, without prior notice. The new agreement also comes into force from the moment of its publication on


9.2 In the event that the competent court declares any provision of this agreement to be invalid, the agreement continues to be valid for the remainder.

This license agreement also applies to all updates provided to the user within the technical support period, unless the User is invited to review and accept the new license agreement or additions to the current agreement when updating the software product.


Contact information of the Contractor:

SIA Capella Solutions

Address: st. Bauskas 58a-603, Riga, Latvia, LV-1004

Registration number LV50003666001


Tel: +37123552598


Date posting : 11/06/2019