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Organizing Board
Flexible structure suitable for business of any size and field of activity. Divisions, departments, sections, positions. Subordination. Valuable Final Product.
Statistics of different types. KPI. Charts. Analytics. Making business decisions. Organization Information Center. Special data display panels.
Financial Planning
Business finances, not accounting. Revenues, funds, expenses, purchase orders. Special statistics. Integration with accounting programs.
Interaction with customers and suppliers, leads, sales funnels, customer tasks. Bills, invoices and payments.
Job instructions
Standard company documents - job descriptions, contracts, checklists. Files Word, Excel, PDF, JPG. View without downloading. Distribution of documents by employees.
Types of business letters: usual, report, order, “through the head”. Integration with email.
Business processes
Simple, visual accounting of processes using kanban boards ("Flow" tool). Increases the speed and quality of the company's work processes. Flexible customization for the company's activities. Step automation. Responsible notices. Setting access for members and teams.
Tasks and projects
Orders. Implementation reports. Approval of reports. Tasks and subtasks. Gantt chart. Reminders and notifications. Project management. Kanban boards.
Works in the cloud
Available 24x7, there is no risk of hardware failure, nothing needs to be installed on the user's computer
Scalable servers
During peak hours, everything works as fast as during normal hours.
Data exchange with any external programs and systems. Swagger electronic live documentation - easy to understand, easy to set up.
All data exchange is encrypted, automatic backup, monitoring the system and users. If necessary, restrict access by IP addresses. Flexible setting of access rights for employees.
14 languages
Russian, English, German, French, Spanish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Polish, Czech, Slovenian